Monday, 2 September 2019

Nokia 8.1

I've seen what others wrote, and I can't agree with their opinion. I have a question for those who wrote the review “do you even own the phone?” .I'm gonna assume that they don't(which they probably don't). I own it and have been using it from January as my daily driver. Oh, one more thing my brother got a poco f1 so I'm gonna compare 8.1 with it.
Let's start with the design
8.1 is one of the best mobile under 30k design wise(my opinion, yours might differ). It got stunning back with a glass back and Iron colour is just wow. The only thing I didn't like about the design is the big notch it has. It's ignorable but still. Oh yeah if you're wondering about poco's design, then I've got only one word to say “plastic”. If you like plastic buy poco.
It got a 1080 x 2280 pixels with HDR 10 and with PureView technology. Believe me, it's way better than poco’s display. One more thing I wanna add is that Nokia's display beats one plus 6t’s display with way more shaper colours.
It is packed a 64gigs of rom and 4gigsof ram and with snapdragon 710. I know you're not going to believe me but 710 is faster than poco's 845(I'm not saying that 710 is faster than 845, I'm just saying it's faster than poco's soc, comparing to one plus 6t it's slower). While opening games like pubg, poco is about 3 seconds slower than 8.1(at least that's what I noticed). And yeah 8.1 heats up a bit(not much) but poco feels much cooler thanks to its thermal cooling or liquid cooling(can't remember)
You’ll be shocked if you'll see the camera shot's from 8.1 and then compare it with poco or one plus. Poco and one plus do a great job while capturing photos in daylight but 8.1 just blows them away with way more details and accurate colours. Now coming to low light, damn Nokia just won hands down(poco doesn’t stand a chance again 8.1 it really should be compared to one plus 6t). Now coming to the front camera it's faded and over sharpened while taken from the stock cam(maybe next update will fix it) but using gcam it can fix.
Nothing much to say Nokia lasted about 12 hours with 10 hours of screen on time( it got a 3500 mah battery) and poco lasted about 15 hours with 12 hours of screen on time; with about 2–3 hours of pubg and suffering FB, watching videos on youtube and much more. can't say about one plus because I don’t own it and the details I've told you about it was after comparing it with my friend's mobile(which is, of course, one plus 6t)and he was not willing to give me his phone for a day. So I don't know about one plus battery.
*A bit more detail about Nokia 8.1 and Poco after May Update*
Like after update Nokia feels a bit cooler than Poco f1.
More frame drops in poco f1 than Nokia 8.1, now I'm feeling what's inside poco f1.
Camera improved a bit in both the devices(improved a lot in poco, still no match for Nokia and OnePlus)
Poco got widevine L1.
UI improvement in poco f1.
Nokia fixed split screen bug.
Sometimes a bit over exposure in Nokia's front camera.(was there before update but it's a bit fixed now)
(This is the end of my review, it's more like a comparison
You can skip this part.)
Now you people might be thinking that I'm a Nokia fanboy, but I'm not. I believe in the quality of the product, not the brand. Actually, let me tell you one thing my previous mobile was mi a2, it broke when it fell on the ground and its display was shattered, maybe it was in the month of November. ( I was a type of person who doesn't use screen guards or back covers).
I saw the rumours of 8.1 on the internet and got it in the month of January ( waited for a while because I didn't want to waste my 27k on a mobile that's not good, and yeah I've heard of Nokia before buying 8.1 but never really got a chance to use one of Nokia's mobile not even the feature phone) This Nokia 8.1fell on the same surface from about 6 feet,(while I was talking on a phone call) but not even a scratch. That's what we call build quality. And yeah I forgot to mention that I got 8.1 for 20k after changing Samsung j7.
*just wanna say one more thing 8.1 is a beauty with brains*.
The last thing surely the last one.
I have a question for the ones who wrote review earlier
“Ever used any Nokia mobile after 7 plus?”
And about their, after sale service, no words(not because it's good but because I don't know, lol)
Nokia 8.1 is available for like 21k, OnePlus for approx 28k and poco for 17k as of 16 July.

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